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Sunday 27 September 2020

Tijd: 16:00 - 17:15 Uur
Prijs vanaf: €3
Voertaal: Engels

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ILFU Book Talk: Petina Gappah

Met: Petina Gappah, Aldith Hunkar, Roanne van Voorst

The death of the Scottish missionary and explorer David Livingstone was the starting point for Petina Gappah’s new novel Out of Darkness, Dark Shining Light (Atlas Contact). In an online Book Talk she will speak about her latest novel with journalist and host Aldith Hunkar. Writer and scientist Roanne van Voorst will give a laudation in Gappah’s honour.

After Livingstone’s death, his servants decide to transport his body to the nearest port city so that he can be turned over to the colonial rulers. The journey that Livingstone’s loyal entourage undertook and all the intrigues surrounding the journey had fascinated Gappah for a long time.

About Petina Gappah

Zimbabwean writer and lawyer Petinah Gappah lives and works in Berlin. She received the Guardian First Book Award for her first collection, The Dance Champion and Other Stories from Zimbabwe. She also received many awards for this collection in America. Although the book has been described as a collection of stories about every layer of Zimbabwean culture, she would rather not be seen as the voice of Zimbabwe. Her work has appeared in many languages. Her novel debut, The Book of Memory, was released in 2015. This novel also ended up on several longlists and on the shortlist for the Prix Femina étranger.

‘A fascinating novel’ (**** Dutch daily NRC Next)

Out of Darkness, Dark Shining Light is so light-footed and entertaining that you hardly notice how deeply Gappah explores the tension between cultures … A wise and witty novel” (Dutch daily Trouw)

(photo © Henry Oliver Hakulandaba)

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