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Saturday 25 September 2021

Tijd: 19:00 Uur
Prijs: €5,
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ILFU TV Online Book Talk with Thomas Piketty

Voertaal: Engels

ILFU TV is the online book programme by the ILFU. Each day, ILFU TV will post an online Book Talk with a wide range of authors about their latest work, recorded in the ILFU studio. A new episode will be posted every day at 19:00, and you can watch it anytime on demand. The online Book Talks are free for ILFU members via Mijn ILFU. All online Book Talks are in English.

25 September
Thomas Piketty
The French economist, professor and writer Thomas Piketty received international acclaim for his book Capital in the 21st Century. It was a bestseller, which is unusual for a book on economics, and it made Piketty a symbol of the struggle against economic inequality. His book Capital and Ideology appeared in 2019 (the Dutch translation will be published in October). It guides the reader through income inequality in different societies throughout history. Piketty is currently one of the five board members for The World Wealth and Income Database, the largest database with information about the distribution of incomes and wealth among countries. He will be interviewed by Maaike Schoon (journalist, presenter Buitenhof).

19:00 daily + on demand
5 euros  / Free for ILFU members via

Photo Thomas Piketty by Jérôme Panconi
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