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ILFU Fringe

ILFU Fringe

This year, the ILFU will launch its very first ‘fringe programme’.

ILFU Fringe is a new programme for language talent, text experimentation and literary and poetic adventure. Selected performances will be included in the schedule for the ILFU 2020.

The deadline for registration of 15 July has passed.

The ten selected acts are: Aaron Mirck, Ali Amghar, Bert Wabbe, Chris Lomans & Marieke Polderdijk, Monique Hendriks, Sholeh Rezazadeh & MANKES, David Mulder, WLAZLO, Siba Sahabi and VETO i.s.m. Stijn ter Braak.

These acts can be seen between 25 September and 3 October, as support acts or as a part of '50 Stories for Tomorrow'.

The selection Committee

Saman Amini
Saman Amini
Aisa Winter
Aisa Winter
Maartje Wortel (Foto: Joost Joossen)
Maartje Wortel (Foto: Joost Joossen)

Aisa Winter (1978) graduated from the Amsterdam University of the Arts’ Academy of Theatre and Dance in 2006. Since then, she has performed in a variety of theatre productions, TV series and films such as Prinsesje Arabella, De laatste dichters, De Dood van een Goedmens, The Color Purple – De musical, Sammy Paramaribo, Oorlogsrust and Mijn opa de bankrover. She earned her Master’s degree in Art Education in 2014, and she will soon play Tina Turner’s mother Zelma in TINA – De Tina Turner Musical.

Maartje Wortel (1982) is a writer. She studied Image and Language at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and has written several books and columns for Trouw and Metropolis M. Her debut Dit is jouw huis (De Bezige Bij, 2009) was honoured with the Anton Wachter Prize, and she received the BNG Literature Prize for her novel IJstijd (De Bezige Bij, 2014). Her latest novel Dennie is een star (Das Mag) was published in March 2019.

Saman Amini (1989) graduated from Maastricht Academy of Dramatic Arts in 2014, and that same year he played the starring role in the film Sacred Defence by director Nima Mohaghegh. The film was nominated for a student Oscar and won both the VERS Awards XL People’s Choice award and the CILECT Award for the world’s best student film. Amini has also achieved considerable success on stage for performances such as Samenloop van Omstandigheden. His eponymous book was published by Xander Uitgevers in 2019, with text from the performance and illustrations by Tom Jager. Amini’s theatrical products also feature his own compositions: bittersweet melodies combined with powerful rap.

What is ILFU Fringe?

What does ILFU Fringe entail?

Literature is much broader than just the written word. ILFU Fringe is for all of the talented creators who give language and text a place onstage. Any writers, poets, spoken word artists, music and literature programmes, storytelling, theatrical lectures, and theatre and film projects can sign up to perform, as long as the work revolves around text in some way. Cross-overs between language and other arts are especially encouraged to apply. Writers who strike new paths in their work, narrative experiments and try-outs may apply as well. Registration is open to creators from throughout the Netherlands.

What does ILFU Fringe have to offer?

ILFU Fringe is a unique opportunity to test and perform your project before an audience. The productions selected for a performance will receive a working budget of € 500 ex. BTW. The ILFU does not produce works; it offers professional support and advice to facilitate your performance and it arranges certain promotional activities.

The selection committee, consisting of Saman Amini, Aisa Winter and Maartje Wortel, will advise the acts in the lead-up to their performances. Performers may also take advantage of one-on-one coaching during the summer months.

The 10 selected Fringe acts will be included in the ILFU schedule between 25 September and 3 October 2020.

The Fringe acts will perform during the pre-programme for the ILFU Book Talks or as part of the 50 Stories for Tomorrow. This will allow the acts to benefit from the audiences drawn to these activities, and give them a prominent position in the professional festival programme.

There are several Fringe moments during the ILFU 2020 (25 September to 3 October). The date for each presentation will be determined in consultation with the selected act.

We will arrange for a quality recording all of the performances by the selected ‘fringers’.

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