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Utrecht City of Literature (EN)

In 2017, the city Utrecht applied for the UNESCO City of Literature title. The title is awarded to cities that contribute exceptionally to literature. To support the candidacy, a bid book has been produced with the title Utrecht – City where you learn to read.

The beautifully designed book consists of two parts: Today and Yesterday. The first part discusses the thriving contemporary literary landscape in Utrecht. Part 2 is about the – no less than 1300 year old – literary history of the Dom city. In addition, the book contains a well-arranged literary timeline.

You can find more information about the candidacy and the recognition of the UNESCO City of Literature title on www.cityofliterature.nl



ISBN: 978-94-91869-18-1
Uitgave: juni 2017
Prijs: €5,00 (incl. verzendkosten)
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